Charities are becoming more business-like?

Yesterday the WCVA hosted another in our series of Leadership Cafes and this time its participants were from the voluntary sector.

A key theme of what emerged as being different for leaders now in this sector as opposed to 5 years ago was that there was now greater competitiveness between organisations and this has created an atmosphere of less sharing, less openness driven by the necessity to pursue and “land” tenders.

Organisations have become more “business-like” in their dealings, heads down and greater focus on articulating and achieving defined goals including of course the goals related to achieving funding (without which, of course, they can’t achieve their charitable goals). This has also given rise to greater innovation and creativity in order to achieve sustainability and  their charitable goals, which is really positive.

Actually this seems like “best practice” really to me – clearer focus and accountability – but is the pursuit of funding in a more business-like manner undermining trust, sharing and openness? I guess only time will tell if “money” is the issue that undermines trust.

Are we back to exploring organisational and personal relationships and trust?

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