Partnership working – dependent on personal relationships?

Another topic continually emerging from the Cafe conversations is about trust, relationships and working in partnership.

There’s been much discussion about  relationships between organisations fostered for partnership working versus the personal relationships that underpin those organisational ones. The conversational conclusions were that yes, the working relationship and partnership is very important between organisations, however the real relationship that underpins that and which is core to successful organisational partnership working is the personal one.

Individuals within each organisation or network invest a great deal of personal commitment and energy to nurture, to grow and strengthen those trusted relationships that are essential to building successful joint organisational ventures. After all you can’t actually “trust” an organisation can you? Surely an organisation is an impersonal thing and it is its people who live by (or don’t) the organisation’s espoused values.

It’s the individual people who represent that organisation with whom you and I build relationships, ones which need to be rock solid with trust and respect. It’s these relationships that (together with a common purpose and shared objectives) are the cornerstone to collaborative and partnership working, I believe.

We trust and work very successfully with the people whose values we really do share and respect, if we don’t have that trust and respect the organisational partnership working is limited in its capacity to succeed and have impact and will probably fall apart.

Do please carry on the conversation – I’m keen to hear other views

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