Maybe I’m not worth bothering about?

Various conversations have encouraged me to reflect on this thought “Maybe I’m not worth bothering about?” in the context of Leadership.

I think most of us suffer from dips in self-confidence and self-belief and for many of us, by taking time to reflect and develop better self-awareness, then we become more able to recognise logically what is going on and have developed strategies to “sort ourselves out” and recover our confidence.

However, there are various considerations here for those in leadership roles and for their teams. Leaders are not immune to bouts of lack of confidence, but this is when their self-awareness capability becomes really important since if not self-aware the individual leader may well indulge of inappropriate behaviours with employees (shouting, snapping, ignoring …..) because of how they feel.

This then makes their employees or team feel very wary of them and undermines trust and relationships and then wondering if “they are not worth bothering about”.

I think it is OK for a leader to say “I don’t feel too good today, could we rearrange our meeting?” etc if possible.

However, this depends on that individual also being really aware of each of his / her team as individuals and tuning in to how they feel and helping them (by a kind word or smile or being given a bit of space) to bounce back.

It’s a two way street this – recognising when either ourselves or another person is in a bit of a dip and having the judgement to know how best to support him / her just at that moment.

This kind of self-awareness, empathy and judgement is, I believe, partly how a really good leader makes others feel special and appreciated as a person and as an employee with an important contribution to give.

The easy route is to give in to “behaving badly” to others and having a grump just because you feel grumpy i.e. offloading one’s own poor mood or poor confidence on to others.

I believe truly inspirational leaders are self-aware and know how to be in control of their own behaviour and also how to make others feel special and valued and definitely “worth bothering about”!

Who do you know with a leadership role who makes you feel that you are “worth bothering about”? Have you considered nominating them for a Leading Wales Award? You can download a nomination document from

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