Thankyou #teamUHW #teamcardiology #teamnephrology

I have to admit that 2016 has been a personally tough year for me.

It has brought me into developing an unexpectedly close working relationship with University Hospital of Wales (UHW) and a number of departments including cardiology and nephrology!

From heart attack, pulmonary oedema, and stent, anaemia and kidney disease (and more) – through it all I have received amazing support and care from the NHS.

I am indeed remarkably fortunate to have come through the other side stronger, happier and with even more clarity about what really matters. I am hugely appreciative of all those who have helped me – be they staff from the NHS or family and friends.

My sponsorship plan is to swim 100 lengths (in effect a mile) and to do so in a measured manner, building strength and stamina by doing 0.25 mile per day over each of 4 consecutive days, ending on Sunday 9th October. This approach to daily swimming has already helped me to re-train my brain into pacing myself better and going for “little and often” rather than further and further and faster and faster! It has had a major positive impact on me re-building towards health.

My intention of doing the sponsored swim is to mark my journey from critical illness to adaptation and recovery, to thank all the fab staff at UHW and to raise awareness of both heart and kidney disease.

I therefore decided that I’d like to try and raise funds for both the British Heart Foundation (@theBHF) and Kidney Wales Foundation (@KidneyWales) so I have created a “team page” and set a target of £1000 (or £500 to each).

Thank you to all of you who have been so supportive during the year and in terms of this sponsorship request.

You can donate via Just Giving

Thank you!!

Barbara x

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