Living well with solitude

Clearly in these unbelievable times, we all will all take the most unusual and extraordinary measures to protect our health and that of our family, friends and neighbours.

However, let’s deliberately look through and beyond our current anxiety and concern towards the happier times to come. So let me introduce Bella who is now obliged to put up with me 24/7 more or less! As you can see, she has a mind of her own, maybe she takes after me? 😊

I know from personal experience that chronic illness is hugely socially isolating. Social distancing, in the new language, is equally socially isolating.

To deal with the isolation, finding new ways of doing things, is essential for our emotional health and well-being. Maybe there is much to be shared here about practical tips that may have resonance with some? On that basis, each day I will share 2 suggestions:

  • Tomorrow is my daughter’s birthday: she and her group of friends have arranged a Skype party in the evening to celebrate her birthday, to chat, laugh, raise a glass to my daughter and each other. We can all arrange Skype parties with our friends!
  • Create a structure (a timetable) for your daily activities:
  • maintaining a consistent pattern in terms of going to bed and getting out of bed in the morning will support good sleep;
  • build in exercise (Wii, running on the spot, stretching, walking, running);
  • build in a strong focus on creating healthy meals and regular eating times;
  • plan times to practise a musical instrument, to read, to write a blog, to knit, do soduko etc;
  • commit to phoning / Skyping family and friends each day;
  • plan time to watch a film;
  • plan a point in the day to catch up on the news (rather than have the news drip feeding into you 24/7) – I have decided to watch the afternoon briefing each day but otherwise to try and avoid the news. Whatever you want to do, whatever works for you – create a structure or timetable for your day. It really helps!

Spetses Harbour, Greece

Stay safe, stay well, join the conversation x

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