Living well with solitude – 2

As promised, more tips! Today is my daughter’s birthday and it is hard to believe that just last summer we were in Barcelona, relaxing over a leisurely meal and glass (or two) of wine.

Her Skype party for tonight is all good to go and we’ve already had one of many chats on the phone for today!

Suggestions for today to enhance emotional health are:

Make good use of mindfulness apps:

Huge thanks to Jon Antoniazzi (Macmillan’s Policy and Public Affairs Officer in Wales) for his suggestion of these well-being mindfulness apps each of which are either offering large discounts or making their content free for an extended period of time.

Nice photo Jon! Thank you!

Rylan Clark-Neal:

You probably think I have lost it here with this suggestion! However, he represents a tactic for dealing with very disturbed night’s sleep, finding another way (on top of mindfulness apps) that help me relax and go back to sleep.

Last night was a rough night for me and after a bit of sleep I was wide awake and feeling quite anxious. Having fibromyalgia, developing relaxation and sleep strategies has been essential for me. Sometimes reading doesn’t work to relax me again, even though I am an avid reader.

If this is the case, then I turn to iplayer and daytime TV programmes, but definitely avoid the news! I love cooking, I really enjoy the happy atmosphere of the newly revamped Ready Steady Cook. What’s not to like about the Essex boy’s happy personality, fake tan, teeth veneers? More seriously he is a really good presenter – talks well with people, relaxes them, they speak up and overall, I’ve yet to hear him be anything but kind.

That’s a recipe to feel calmer, stem the feelings of anxiety, relax and return to sleep.

Stay safe, stay well, stay in touch x

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