Living well with solitude – 3

These times are increasingly surreal, aren’t they? Very frightening indeed. Finding ways to focus on thinking on how we move forward as well as live well day to day are increasingly essential. Today’s suggestions are:

Music is really uplifting: Last night, where I live in the Bay, in the early evening we had a round of applause for the NHS staff and all the other front line staff everywhere, followed by blasting out (via some speakers of mine)

You’ll Never Walk Alone: We are going to repeat our applause and play and sing #You’llNeverWalkAlone nightly at 7pm. I had already decided that this was going to be the anthem of the Daring to Dream choir whose setting up is of course now delayed for a while.

Catching 10 good things that happened today:

Huge thanks to Alex for her top tip to support well-being whilst we socially separate from nearly everyone in our life! She suggests that it is really helpful to write down each night the 10 good things that happened today. Alex said, “I write this every night before I go to sleep as a kind of download to remind me that Spring is still blooming, acts of kindness are happening all around us and across the world and that the world is still turning.”

Alex McArthur-Davies runs “Kinesiology by Alex”


Stay safe, stay well, stay in touch x

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