Living well with solitude -6

Today has been uneasy for me – restless, hard to concentrate on anything. I have spent my time doing bits of this and bits of that ………. I guess everyone understands that kind of day! So, I am going to flag up two things that really help get me grounded again a) music and b) connecting with my local community:

  1. The Great British Home Chorus:

I loved the first get together! Gareth Malone has big plans to make a mega recording of everyone with his Great British Home Chorus! It was good tonight to see that Gareth was back on form (he was off-colour last night). The first half of the 30 minutes was lots of useful whole-body movement and voice exercises. Great fun, and I felt so much better after the nightly get-together. I also did 2K steps to add to my daily total at the same too!!

Register by this link and it is nightly via YouTube at 17:30.

  1. Connecting with neighbours

Our AQ whatsapp group continues to grow into a support and help group. We have some housebound #highriskcovid19 members and we have plenty of offers of help, to get shopping and so on, and additional contact such as phone calls. We mostly didn’t even know each other before! Across the group we share helpful information, ask for and offer help, share funny stories and videos as well as quizzes. And nightly we open windows at 19:00 and give a HUGE round of applause for our NHS colleagues, followed by a rendition of “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. Some of our neighbours are themselves frontline NHS workers and have told us that this means such a lot to them.

Stay safe, stay well, stay in touch x

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