About Reflections on Leading

I am fascinated by leadership and am privileged that through my work I am able to continuously meet so many others who share this fascination and with whom I can discuss what leadership really is and what it is that leaders actually do. Each year with the nominations from the Leading Wales Awards we ask the nominators to give the top attributes that best describe their nominee’s leadership and the complexity and diversity of those attributes is vast.

In this blog my intention is to reflect on leadership, leading and leadership attributes and behaviours and to learn more by reflection and writing. I hope to highlight real leaders and their stories and will welcome contributions from others.

Maybe between us our “reflections on leadership” will help establish a clear picture of what leadership is really about.

I hope that you will join in the conversation. Barbara.

(Barbara Chidgey, founder and director of Learning Pathways Cymru, is a coach and facilitator who works with individuals and organisations to help others develop their leadership skills, networks and relationships. Barbara is the Executive Chair of the Leading Wales Awards.)


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