Living well with solitude – 5

Lots of positive steps now, I believe, with choirs starting online, exercise classes and the sun is shining too, which always helps. (My blood results were also very reassuring too!) Lead on! Ymlaen!

Great photo of Penarth pier from a year ago too – just love it!

Today, I am staying with music as a way of supporting our emotional health as we all socially isolate either living with solitude or, for that matter, with others.

  1. The Great British Home Chorus:

I loved the first get together last night! Gareth Malone has big plans to make a mega recording of everyone with his Great British Home Chorus! Register by this link and it is nightly via YouTube at 17:30.

  1. Royal Opera House:

The Royal Opera House are launching free online content for the “culturally curious at home”! Access will be via their free Facebook and YouTube channels, starting with Peter and the Wolf this Friday (27th March). They are developing a free roll out of lots more in the coming weeks (#FromOurHouseToYourHouse)

Stay safe, stay well, stay in touch x



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