Living well with solitude – 4

Morning! It is crazy isn’t it? I can’t believe how anxious I just got this morning about going out to have an essential set of blood tests done. However, job done, thankfully for 2 weeks.

Today we have suggestions from Sophie Howe (The Future Generations Commissioner for Wales and patron of Daring to Dream) and also from the world of comedy!

From Sophie Howe: 

Sophie said that she believes it is important to “really connect with your family in person (if you live together) or otherwise online. This is especially helpful if you have little ones, since they never fail to put a different and often funny perspective on things.”

Sophie also finds audio books brilliantly relaxing; she says she falls asleep to one every night which is great to aid refreshing sleep but maybe not so good if you actually want to follow a story!

Enjoy laughing by watching comedy TV or films:

The right TV to watch really is a huge boost isn’t it? I had another bad night last Friday and after waking and realising I wouldn’t be falling back asleep any time soon, I decided to watch Friday night’s version of “Would I lie to you?”  Am not sure if I woke my neighbours by me changing gear from feeling anxious into roaring with laughter at Rob Brydon, David Mitchell and Lee Mack and their fellow team members! I always really enjoy their quick-fire humour (a little bit “irreligious” I know, but so clever).

Do find the comedy programmes that work for you and watch those as part of your early evening relaxation time, which is important before heading to bed to assist better sleep.

Stay safe, stay well, stay in touch x

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